AAL Specials Classes

Dear AAL Families,


In order to offer students the opportunity to participate in Specials online, our school has modified our weekly schedule of classes. Starting next week, Monday, April 20, we will no longer have “extended Fridays.” We are starting a new process to offer a “Specials Day” once a week to each grade level. Please review the schedule below to determine your child’s “Specials Day” and when various special classes will be offered.

All other days of instruction will continue as normal. Kindergarten and 1st grade classes will continue to offer movement opportunities within their current class schedule. All special activities are planned to account for students who may have limited space or supplies. School rules for respectful participation still apply.

Specials Schedule.PNG

Joining Specials Classes


On a student’s specials day, they will log on to their regularly scheduled class. Students will check-in with their regular classroom teacher. Students will be asked to stay online to receive additional support in skill-building in that content area with their classroom teacher if:

  • A student has incomplete work to finish.

  • A student acted inappropriately during class multiple times.

  • A student or group of students is asked to work with their teacher, or the student or parent may request help from their teacher in a specific class.

Students that have completed all work and no behavioral concerns, will have the option to attend one of the three classes offered during that period. The link for the specials session will be provided to students in the core content teacher’s Google Meet session.

Student Attendance

Student attendance for each specials class will be based on the following:

  • Staying in the classroom to work with the teacher

We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we navigate these uncertain times as a community. We will continue to offer the best education possible to our AAL students.



Principal Kate Bergles


School phone: 720 500-5252