Frequently asked questions:

1. How do I log into Google?

Click here to learn how to log into Google:


2. How do I log into Google Classroom?

Click here for documentation on how to access Google Classroom:


How to access Google Classroom

3. Why can't I access all the Google features with my account?

Google recognizes accounts as personal accounts. To access all of Googles features make sure you're using an email account that was issued by the school.

4. Is my device compatible with Google suite?

Most devices are compatible with Google Suite. Just keep in mind, you must be using a compatible browser. Click here to see if your browser is compatible: Supported Browsers

Also, accessing Google from a tablet or a smartphone may require you to download an App in the Google Play store. Click here to learn more about using Google Apps on mobile Devices: Google Apps

5. How do I update my Chromebook to make sure that it is ready for Google Suite? (Chromebook users only)

Click here to see instructions for updating a Chromebook:


Update a Chromebook

Click here for information on updating the Chrome Browser:

How to update Google Chrome

6.Why can't I join a Google Meet?

Watch a demonstration of joining a Google Meet:


Click here to see troubleshooting documentation for Google Meet:


Google Meet Troubleshooter

7. Why doesn't my microphone work in Google Meet?

Click here to see the microphone troubleshooter:


Microphone Troubleshooter

8. Why doesn't my camera work in Google Meet?

Click here to see the camera troubleshooter:


Camera Troubleshooter

9. Is my internet connection fast enough for Google?

First click here to test your internet speed: HTML5 Speed Test

The primary use of bandwidth will come from joining video conference calls with teachers. Click here to see the network requirements for Google meet: Google Meet Requirements

If your internet connection does not meet these recommended requirements, please contact your internet provider about increasing bandwidth.

10. How come I can see all my classes, but I can't turn in my work?

Click here to see the "Turning in work to Google" documentation:

How to turn in work

11. My teacher is using Zoom to video conference in the classroom, how do I get it to work?

Visit the Zoom Help Center for information on how to troubleshoot Zoom: Zoom Help Center

12. What should I do if my question is not here and I am still having issues?

Please email technical support and we'd be happy to help.