Incredible Achievement Results!

In the 2017-2018 school year, AAL students demonstrated incredible academic growth on both the state assessments and the NWEA MAP tests.  We know of no other school that has experienced such strong academic growth in its first year.

In its first year, AAL scored a  76.1% on the State’s School Performance Framework.  This is an excellent score – we had the second highest score out of the 59 schools in Aurora.

On the State’s PARCC exams, AAL scored on average  10 percentage points above the schools in Aurora.


In reading and math, our students demonstrated nearly twice the growth in achievement as their peers in the United States.

At the beginning of the year, our students were far behind the U.S. average NWEA score for math and reading.  We significantly narrowed the gap in every grade and eliminated the gap completely in 4th and 5th grade reading and in 1st, 2nd, and 5th grade math.

At the beginning of the year, two-thirds of our students were below the U.S. average in reading and three-fourths were below average in math.  Now, over half of our students are above the U.S. average in reading and in math.

Kindergarten reading proficiency grew incredibly from 26% in the beginning of the year to 91% at the end of the year.

These are amazing results, and reflect
parents’ support of our school, the
excellence of our teaching staff,
and the
focus on academics
If we continue this trend, we will effectively
eliminate our students’ achievement gap
in less than three years.

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