the Fifth Quarter / Summer Learning

Join us for the Fifth Quarter at AAL! We will offer both online and on-site summer learning opportunities for your students. Sign up for a combination of core classes and electives, and pick your own schedule! Welcome to the ultimate summer school: where flexibility, fun, safety, and growth are the pillars of our success. 

A student must be enrolled at one of our schools in order to participate in the Fifth Quarter.  This summer learning program is FREE for all enrolled students. 

For the Academy of Advanced Learning (431 Sable Blvd., Aurora, CO 80011),
register here.

Fifth Quarter Calendar

Program Highlights

  • option of on-site or online

  • courses offered from 9:00 am to 3:15 pm M-F

  • students sign up for their choice of 1-4 courses

  • all classes feature LIVE teaching

  • school-issued Chromebooks available for student use

  • FREE for enrolled students 

Courses Offered

  • Remedial Language Arts

  • Grade-level Language Arts

  • Remedial Math

  • Grade-level Math

  • Karate

  • Dance

  • Aerobics

  • Kids Teach Kids

Fifth Quarter is also for advanced students.


For example, Miguel will be entering the sixth grade at the Academy.  He finished fifth-grade math nearly at grade level.  He wants to start sixth-grade math early, so he enrolls in the Fifth Quarter at AAL and takes grade-level, 6th-grade math.  The assessment at the end of the summer (either the NWEA summer assessment or our own assessment) shows that Miguel is on-track and has a high likelihood of being on grade-level at the end of the course. 


When the 2020-2021 school year starts, Miguel will have the choice of continuing the course online or going into an accelerated on-site course.  Both the online and on-site courses will finish by mid-March, the end of the traditional third quarter.  Miguel will then have an additional quarter to extend his math knowledge, conduct projects, complete service hours, or join an elective.


Miguel will also have to perform well on the mid-year NWEA assessments in order to continue in the online or accelerated courses.

Students must be currently enrolled at the Academy of Advanced Learning to sign up for Fifth Quarter.

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